Mums and Bubs


Before, during and after pregnancy care for Mums and Bubs.

Infertility can be defined as the “inability for couples to conceive after one year of regular intercourse”. There are many different factors that may contribute to infertility including ovulatory dysfunction, sperm disorders, pelvic dysfunction, abnormal cervical mucous, hormonal imbalance, toxicity or deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals. 



Even the most seemingly straight forward pregnancies and births can create imbalances which can cause potential health problems in the future. 

Examination and adjusting a child is very different to an adult. The examination relies on testing many reflexes to determine at what stage and level their nervous system is at. Adjustments are extremely gentle with no more than eye ball pressure applied by either practitioner's fingertips or an instrument called an activator. Most kids are actually very soothed after their adjustments. 

We offer a variety of integrative health treatments and services for you to choose from in the Health Space Optimisation phase to help your child obtain, maintain and even optimise their health! 

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