Why sitting on your wallet might be causing you harm.

01 Jun, 2018

You might wonder that your chronic low back pain is not getting better? Then consider this. Do you sit with your wallet in the pocket? One way to assist with your back pain, could be to remove your wallet and not sit on it!

Sitting on your wallet has an effect on your sacro-iliac joint which glides together to create movement of your pelvis. A minor lift of your pelvis by the wallet will create a tilt in the pelvis to one side, which can in turn effect your spine. Because the pelvis is tilted to one side, the lumbar spine has to compensate to the pelvic tilt by curving the spine. This can create an irritation and lead to inflammation of the joint.

Our joints aren't only thing involved here. A small change in length of the muscles involved will change its ability to activate and may easily get fatigued. Because of the wallet, one side of the lower back is continuously compressed and other side, over stretched. So as a result, it can lead to chronic muscle aches around the hip and low back.

As a result of the change indicated above, sitting on your wallet may cause pressure against the sciatic nerve, resulting in nerve related pain / dysfunction. This can lead to changes in muscle function and sensation.

So, size matters! Try to reduce size of your wallet by keeping only the essentials. Use a more flexible wallet or even better, remove the wallet from your pocket while sitting or driving all together.


If you have any concerns with your sitting posture and suffering from lower back pain then don't hesitate to contact our Chiropractor at Healthspace Kingsford on 9663 2151 and come in to see Dr. Harry for the an assessment.