Runners Knee/ Patella femoral pain syndrome

13 Dec, 2017

Runners knee is a common knee condition and generally occurs progressively as pain around the front of the knee, usually not relating to trauma and can be exacerbated by physical activity such as running, squatting, going up/down stairs. Several causes of Runners knee can include changes in patella-femoral morphology, incorrect lower limb movement patterns in walking/ running, and muscle imbalances/ weaknesses especially in pelvic stabilizing muscles and the inner quad muscle (VMO), causing poor tracking of patella. A systematic review revealed multi-modal physical therapy was clinically beneficial in terms of pain compared to a sham intervention, these included:

·      Hip/ lower limb strengthening

·      Movement training of knee and patella

·      Patellar taping

·      Mobilization

The whole condition itself takes about 6-12 weeks, after initiating treatment, however in individuals who have had the condition for longer may need more time. So if this knee problem is preventing you from doing the things you love, come in for a checkup and finally get it sorted out!

Dr Tom @Kings Cross Healthspace, @Bond St Fitness First CBD Healthspace & Health Space Kings Cross

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