New Healthspace Clinic in CBD!

25 Aug, 2016

Exciting news for Healthspace as we have expanded to the CBD! We are located inside Australia’s largest Fitness First, providing chiropractic & sports med to not only gym goers, but all individuals! As part of us being new to the area we are currently offering FREE initial chiropractic consults valued at $105! Hurry, as this offer will not last very long! (Ends 31/8/16) As for all our gym goers, here are a few simple tips of what NOT to do while training! (Unless you want to come and see us!)

·      Think one glove fits all: Everyone has different genetic capabilities and personal preferences. Finding what works for you is the most important rule.

·      Ignore your body: “No Pain, No gain” can be a trap for young players. Listen to your body, the pain you may be feeling could be from a serious problem that could simply be managed with some professional help from a chiropractor, acupuncturist or massage therapist.

·      Eat Grains: Gluten disrupts the gut lining in all humans and creates inflammation. Many grains also contain pro-inflammatory omega 6, so if we add all this to the inflammation created from exercise, your body can become fatigued unnecessarily

·      Overtrain: Pushing yourself to your breaking point will create long term growth effects that last for 4-10 days. The forgotten factor is recovery. Rest is when your body converts organic fuel into real living tissue. Remember exercise is only the stimulus but rest is what literally creates change.



Written by Tom Ham - Bond St 

Healthspace Clinics CBD

A: 20 Bond St (Fitness First), Sydney 2000

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