My journey to becoming a life coach

25 Aug, 2016

My own personal journey has been the catalyst for me to become a certified life coach. In February 2015 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis turned my world upside down. It took me to a place of darkness, where I felt overwhelmed and disconnected. I was stressed, anxious and fearful about my health and my future. 

It wasn’t long after my diagnosis that I came to a life-changing realisation. For me to regain my life I had to become an active participant in my health and wellbeing. No one else could do this for me. Finding myself at a cross roads I was ready to move from where I was to where I truly wanted to be. This realisation led me on a journey of renewal. I made the choice to truly invest in myself by re-engaging with my true self, nurturing my inner strength and nourishing my mind, body and spirit.

Through this journey I discovered the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy course and I instantly new that being a life coach was how I could use my professional and personal experience to be of service to others.

My diagnosis and life experiences have taught me that wellbeing is both a science and an art. Each of our lifestyle and wellbeing needs are unique. As a coach I meet my clients where they are currently at in their life. They may be facing health challenges, big life changes, transitions or longing for deeper spiritual connections. I support them to connect with what really serves them on their wellbeing journey, guiding them into connecting with themselves, to ask their own questions and find their own answers. I truly believe that each of us embodies the tools we need to create our own wellbeing masterpiece. Regardless of your health and lifestyle challenges you can live a passionate, purposeful and fulfilled life.

Even though my life experiences and diagnosis have challenged me to my very core they have lead me to becoming a life coach, which has given me the greatest gift of all; supporting others to see their own light.

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Written by Kate Farrell - Kings Cross