Merry Christmas from Health Space!

28 Nov, 2017

Health Space was lucky enough to celebrate their annual Health Space Christmas Party this last weekend! 80 practitioners and staff from 16 clinics around Sydney came together to join and celebrate the Christmas Spirit. 

Every year, founders Nick and Kate Wood give out awards to talented practitioners, and this year there was no end to the exceptional practitioners and staff at our clinics. 

Chiropractor of the Year - Callum Forrest

Massage Therapist of the Year - Laura Newall

Acupuncturist of the Year - Rachel Pavitt

Nutritionist/Naturopath of the Year - Kerryn Odell

Health Practitioner of the Year - Isaac Serhan

Rookies of the Year - Isabel Amundsen, Anika Slatin

Office Manager of the Year - Heather Ward

Chiropractic Assistant of the Year - Kate George

Director of the Year - Nicholas Miller

Clinic of the Year - Health Space Mona Vale