It's cold outside... How are you coping with the cold weather?

12 Jun, 2018

Three vital spices I recommend for building strong immunity in any season, but especially in winter are

  1. Cinnamon – As well as being delicious, Cinnamon has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Qualities that are all essential to helping your immune system stay strong.

  2. Ginger – It’s a natural decongestant and has both antiviral and expectorant properties that help to reduce excess phlegm build up. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory that helps soothe the digestive system and promote healthy circulation.

  3. Turmeric – is really high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredient is curcumin, curcumin, is also antiviral and anti-fungal.

In addition to these three therapeutic spices, don’t forget your key antioxidant nutritions –

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Co Q10

My favourite antioxidant food sources:
Capsicum, Broccoli, Dark Green Leafy Veg, Tomatoes, Sweet Potato Berries and Citrus Fruits, Papaya, Kiwi
Green Tea and Matcha Tea
Organ meat – Liver, heart [Always buy organic organ meat]
Oily Fish – sardines, mackerel and wild salmon
Nuts and Seeds

How many of these foods do you include on a daily basis?

You need to be aiming for a minimum of 5 serves of vegetables and 1-2 serves of fruit per day. Not only do you need the carbohydrate that they offer, but also the nutrient density. If you are struggling to include enough – smoothies are a great way to boost your intake. You could use fruit, vegetables, add in some matcha tea (powder) plus a handful of nuts or seeds.

For protein, you need about your palm size with each meal. If you don’t like the sound of organ meats, you can add some to mince meat, you won’t even know the difference! Or include a good quality pate into your regular diet.

Nuts and seeds have many health benefits, but not if eaten to excess. The general rule of thumb for portion size of nuts and seeds is a small handful. For specifics, that’s about a third of a cup, about 30 grams. Sadly that equates to about 10 almond.
If you need some help with your nutrition, or find that your immune system is not coping,
please call Marie our Clinical Nutritionist at Kingsford.