Don’t keep on rolling them ankles!

24 Feb, 2016

At Healthspace clinics in Burwood, our physiotherapists come across many ATFL injuries, especially rolling into the another season of soccer and footy come late February and March.

The anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) is also known as the lateral ligament in the ankle, and it is the most common sporting related injury. Once a lateral ligament has been injured from the rolling-in motion of the ankle, that ankle becomes more prone to re-injury. 

A recent 2015 research paper on the topic states that the risk of re-spraining the lateral ligament is doubled in the first year following the initial injury. Many authors have concluded that this risk of spraining the lateral ligament is due to a loss of proprioception in the ankle, due to the injury.

What is proprioception you ask?

- The sense of knowing / or awareness of where your body part (i.e. ankle) is in space

- Something that occurs subconsciously

- Helps with your balance 


There are exercises you can do to regain/ improve this reduced amount of proprioception or sense of balance. For example, a simple and basic exercise involves re-training your ability to balance on one leg.

The research is available, it’s relatively new but it is working for me successfully with my clients at Healthspace Burwood.

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