26 Apr, 2018

Do you look at your feet?


The feet and ankle complex is one of the most important structures of our body. When the arches in our feet start to flatten out, the body's main stabilizers and force-absorbers become compromised. Consequently, pronation (ankle rolling in) usually occurs, to which the entire structure above it will inevitably undergo unwanted compensatory functional and structural changes.

Although these changes allow the body to stay upright and moving, there is wear and tear to the body (especially knees) and wasting of energy and force with each movement. This is crucial to athletes who need to produce maximum force with minimal energy for optimal performance.

Here is a classic example of this presentation in an ex-rugby player, where we can see the flattening of the left foot arches and note the bending of the Achilles tendon as it follows the foot rolling inwards.

After manual treatment and rehabilitation exercises focusing on the foot by Dr. Laurence, we can see the patient has restored some arches and the Achilles tendon is not in a stretched position anymore, which has dramatically relieved the knee and back pain.

If your knee, hip or back pain isn’t getting better, it’s time to look at your feet!


Dr. Laurence Kim


Dr. Laurence is an experienced and dedicated chiropractor with a keen interest in athletes of every background, particularly team sports such as basketball, rugby, soccer and European handball, as well as clients of office and labour-based professions.

at Health Space Castle Hill and is also co-director at Health Space Burwood.

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