Distal Needling Acupuncture (DNA) Thermal Imaging Shoulder Pain

22 Apr, 2018

Last post, we discovered that acupuncture has the potential to increase blood circulation. In this post, we can examine its fast and immediate effects at reducing inflammation.

Take the case of a gentleman who came to the clinic suffering from residual pain having dislocated his shoulder less than a week ago.

In the top two pictures you can see, there is already high levels of blood flow on his shoulder, precisely where he experiences pain from lifting his arm or reaching behind his back.

In this case, what we intend to do is to reduce inflammation and aggravation on the affected area.

At the end of the session his inflammation has reduced, as seen in the bottom pictures above. When he was asked to test his shoulder, he said he experienced no restriction lifting or reaching behind his back. He was very delightful at these results. He states he experiences a little discomfort in the affected area but nothing compared to what it was like before.

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