Conquer Your Cycle – Part Two

15 Feb, 2018

The Luteal phase is the second half of your cycle starting with ovulation (Day 13-14*) and ending either with pregnancy or just before your period starts (Day 28*). During this phase, the follicle becomes the copurs luteum and secretes high amounts of progesterone.  Progesterone is a key hormone for prepping the uterus for pregnancy, making the lining nice and comfortable for the egg to attach. It also does the opposite of estrogen and can make the body more insulin resistant. It is advised during this period to be a bit more careful with starchy food.  This is a good time to load up on magnesium and zinc rich foods as well as minerals and essential fatty acids. Your body will be craving sugar so aim to eat more complex carbs to keep your energy up instead of reaching for that chocolate bar!

Research has shown that strenuous and endurance type exercises may induce an inflammatory response from the body leading up to your period so it’s best to take it easy during your luteal phase. Participate in some more laidback exercises such as walking, stretching and yoga. If high intensity is your cup of tea, try to shorten the session and finish off with some good stretches.

Due to the drop in estrogen and decrease in your body’s pain tolerance during this phase, you may notice some old chronic issues flaring up. This is a good time for some maintenance to keep those niggles at bay!

*based on a 28 day cycle

This is a 4 part series, find part 1 HERE.


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