City2Surf 2016 Bondi Beach

25 Aug, 2016

As a new citizen to Sydney for less than one year I was honoured to participate as a volunteer in one of the world’s largest fun run: The City2Surf. I was giving post-race massages in the Heart Foundation tent and my work was well appreciated for all the runners on the receiving end.

Most of them were not use to massage, so I took that opportunity to explain to them some of the benefits. Those who exercise and particularly do a growling exercise like City2Surf.

My aim was to stretch and relieve tight muscles to make them spasm-free. With the involvement of the muscular and the cardiovascular system the massage can achieve great results by increasing blood circulation to reduce soreness, relieve muscle tension, prevents cramps and make a faster recovery. Another positive effect of blood circulation is it delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and promotes the removal of waste products and toxins through the liver.


Why should you book a massage if you do sport?

Our body has memory which means that if you want to improve your muscular tone and capacity you must exercise regularly. The same happen with massage. The benefits are cumulative, meaning the more regularly you receive a massage, the more you will reap their rewards. So, if you go to the gym or practice outdoor exercise at least twice a week, you should book for a massage at least once a week even more if you are training at a high level.

So, to maintain your body to reach the optimal level have regular massage.


Written by Claudia Turró Ortega -  Kings Cross 

Chiro-Massage Therapist, Life Coach