Changes From the Heart

25 May, 2016

My experience over six months as a massage therapist has given me the opportunity to hear explicitly from my clients their main phsysical concerns.

Behind these words I identify two things. Firstly, the value that they give to their health and, secondly, the struggles that sometimes they have to introduce life changes prolonged.

This post explores the second point to take it further, because this post is about CHANGE. I am a life coach, beyond that a massage therapist, and therefore I can say that change itself is one of the core elements of coaching. More than that, I could say that it is one of the core attributes of our lives: how to accept changes or deal with them, and how to provoke change for a better life.

As a coach I know how important change is for our lives. In this context, change is about wanting and engaging from the heart. You might say that change is (only) about discipline, because without perseverance it is impossible to keep a diet, go to the gym three times per week or give yourself the free time to nourished. And you will be partially right with these statements. But this is only a simplification of what change is. The real and transformational change needs to be drawn from your inner self. Only by connecting your goal with your life purpose will you have enough strength to sustain your change. Also you will need less effort using your heart rather than the head.

So, life coaching is iluminating your heart to know who you are and what is important for your right here and right now. From this illumination, a concrete goal will arise with clarity, either personal or professional. After that, your mind will be focused on the change that you WANT (willingness) instead of the change that you MUST DO (obligation).

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Written by Claudia Turró – Kings Cross