But, I don’t have time to stretch!

11 Jan, 2017

How many of you jump straight out of a workout – whether it be a spin class, weights session or run on the treadmill – without taking the time to adequately cool down or stretch?

As a Physiotherapist at Health Space, I see many clients presenting with acute sport or exercise related injuries, resulting in pain and several weeks of rehabilitation. It is more common than not, that these injuries are either due to a poor technique or complete failure to stretch.

As a result of the normal aging process, previous injury or physical activity, muscles lose their flexibility and the fascia which surrounds it, also stiffens. The muscles thereby become shortened, with a reduced capability of lengthening to produce force. The resulting muscle is therefore tense and weak, rendering it more prone to strain or tear.

Stretching is therefore an absolute essential component to any fitness or training program. While the benefits of stretching have been published in several well-known studies, it is still evident that many people are unaware of them. As Physiotherapists, we hope to provide clients with education regarding correct warm up, cool down and exercise technique in order to prevent injury, or facilitate a safe return to your sport or work activity.

We are determined to guide our clients in their self management or rehabilitation program, in order to help them getting back to doing the things they love, as quickly and as safely as possible.

Come, see the experts and let us help you.


Eleni Tsagaris


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