Acupuncture For Tendonitis

20 Oct, 2016

Tendonitis generally develops when the stresses on a tendon overwhelm the body’s repair mechanisms. This may through over training, a lack of conditioning before a task, poor body mechanics or insufficient rest time between activities.

Any of these can place stress on a structurally weak link—often a tendon. Acupuncture can help manage the pain while decreasing inflammation of the tendon. In addition, it can be used for targeted muscle cueing (or inhibition), with the goal of reinforcing or retraining proper body mechanics through motor recruitment patterns to address the root cause of pain & inflammation.

As with all forms of tendinitis, acupuncture reduces inflammation and eases movement restrictions allowing for a smoother, easier recovery.

For those who are sensitive or prefer not to take anti-inflammatory medications, we also offer supplements at Healthspace to naturally reduce inflammation in-lieu of NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). When targeted early, this accelerates recovery, however in mild cases where exacerbation with overuse is not an ongoing factor, acupuncture alone is sufficient.