Achilles Tendinitis

30 Jan, 2018

Do you have pain at the back of the heel, associated with physical activity such as running and jumping? Then you could be suffering from Achilles tendinopathy. It’s an inflammatory condition relating to overuse of the Achilles tendon and the calf muscle. Repetitive motion such as running and jumping causes wear and tear of the tendon, to a point where the wearing of the tendon exceeds the healing. If the injury occurs on one side it can be related to imbalances within the pelvis, hips or ankles causing one side to incur more forces than the other side. If occurring on both side factors including overtraining, poor strength, flat feet, toe walking or wearing heels often can also have a major impact on the function of your lower limbs. So finding the cause of the issue and dealing with that will in turn relieve pressure off the affected tendon. Its best to get professionally checked in order to find out the specific reason for your injury.


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