04 Aug, 2017

BACK TO BASICS WEEK 1: Reconnect to your Inner Caveman

by Mariana Diniz

Happy August everyone!

Its not rare that my clients ask me “what foods can I get away with?”. As if food was something that either makes you put on weight or not. But hang on a second. What is the reason we eat again?

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27 Apr, 2017

Wondering what the Ketogenic diet is all about?

by Mariana Diniz

The Ketogenic diet was originally developed to treat epilepsy and got media’s attention for all the other health benefits it promoted. Those included:

  • Improvements in body composition
  • Better cognitive function
  • Hormone regulation 
  • Decrease in inflammation
  • Improved sugar metabolism 


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09 Feb, 2016

Health Space 15 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

by Mariana Diniz

Health Space Potts Point Presents: The Living Lean Challenge!

Have you been struggling to get out of bed every morning? Have you been feeling a bit heavier and maybe feel like you could use an easy detox? You are reading this for a reason! Join Health Space Clinic Potts Point and Health Space Wholefoods for a Weight Loss Challenge in 2016!

The Living Lean program is all about alkalising the body and making sure it is working on the cellular level. The benefits include:
- High energy levels
- Better digestive function
- Balanced mood
- Healthy & sustainable weight loss

The program is very easy to follow as long as you eat the foods allowed and make sure you drink your alkalising water and the green, great tasting superfood powders every day, for the 15 days.

You might notice a few detox symptoms on the first few days. Don't panic - that is normal. Symptoms can include:
- Headaches
- Fatigue
- Insomnia
- Aches & pains

If any of the above symptoms occur, just make sure you keep hydrated (coconut water is a great option) and give your body as much rest as it needs. The more toxic your system is, the more you might react. But it will get better.

There will be prizes for the first 3 winners of the most weight loss achieved!

1st Prize - The Ultimate Wellness Pack
- 1 Organic veggie box from Health Space Wholefoods
- 1 Naturopathy or nutrition consult for diet & lifestyle support
- 1 Personal training session with Olivia Arezzolo
- 1 Free week of classes with Bondi Outdoor
- 1 Massage voucher
- 1 Sauna voucher
- 1 Float tank voucher
- 1 Chiropractic consultation

2nd Prize - Keep It Healthy & Relax Pack
- 1 Organic veggie box from Health Space Wholefoods
- 1 Naturopathy or nutrition consult for diet & lifestyle support
- 1 Massage voucher
- 1 Float tank voucher

3rd Prize - Feel Good & Keep on Track Pack
1 Organic veggie box from Health Space Wholefoods
- 1 Naturopathy or nutrition consult for diet & lifestyle support
- 1 Float tank voucher

If you are interested (I can't think why you wouldn't be!), join us for Living Lean Seminar and get all the information you need about the program. Information includes how it works, why it works and whether or not it will work for you. Everyone who joins us for the first night will receive a complimentary full body composition scan and a second one for comparison in 15 days if they join the program. Olivia Arezzolo will also be speaking about achieving goals and keeping them.

Welcome Seminar: Thursday 18th February at 6:30pm
Well Done Comparison Scan & Prize Night: Friday 4th March from 6:30pm to 8pm 

Health Space Clinics Potts Point
33 Bayswater Road, Potts Point

Listen out for dates and instructions to sign up, they should be out soon!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to make sure you get all the updates, or call 8354 1534.

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08 Oct, 2015

Community Events

by Mariana Diniz

Want to know more about Shakti? Visit her website here.

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20 Mar, 2015

Paleo Is The New Black

by Mariana Diniz

‘Paleo is the new black’. I read that statement on a newspaper cover the other day and thought, ‘It is indeed! Pete Evans, you couldn’t be more right!’ I have struggled with a sensitive digestive system for years, constantly suffering from bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and heartburn. I was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a decade ago. Between attempting to control my blood sugar levels and decreasing my digestive symptoms, I tried quite a few different diets. Nothing has worked as well as a paleo diet for me. I’m not saying that the paleo diet is a one size fits all solution. Nothing really is, when it comes to your health, as there are so many different types of body constitutions, lifestyles, and mindsets. But I can share with you my own experience.

So, what exactly is a paleo diet? It is a diet based on the Palaeolithic way of eating. Back then, humans would have eaten lots of vegetables, meats from every part of the animal, loads of good fats found in nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and fish, and some fruit. They wouldn’t have eaten any dairy, legumes, grains, processed foods or refined sugar. Theoretically, humans are not able to digest these kinds of foods, precisely because our ancestors would not eat them. There is a lot of criticism around that theory, but there are some simple facts about the paleo diet that I would like to talk about.

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