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Brace Me is Born!

After years as chiropractor, Nick Wood frequently found his clients couldn’t find the right braces for their needs and were confused about what was most suited to them. Nick designed the Brace Me range to bridge that gap. His range of braces provide a high-quality, straight-forward solution, designed to support his clients in their everyday […]

7 foods nutritionists never eat!

Low-fat dairy Eating low-fat dairy to lose weight is actually counter-intuitive because fat is so satiating. When you consume a product with the fat removed it doesn’t keep you full for long – which means you will soon be reaching for more food. On top of that, when the fat is removed from dairy, the […]

Avoiding winter weight gain

Winter can easily wreak havoc on our usual health routine. Cold mornings are enough to keep even the most ardent exerciser in bed hitting the snooze button. We are far more likely to overindulge and forget the importance of a wholefood diet when we’re not faced with being in a bikini! Seasonal weight gain is […]

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