31 Oct, 2017

Overview of Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

by Amy Steed

Heel pain (or Plantar Fasciitis) is the most common foot complaint, experienced by thousands of Australians every day. Plantar Fasciitis usually causes pain under the heel and sometimes pain under the arch of the foot. In Latin Plantar Fasciitis means "inflammation of the plantar fascia", which is a thick, fibrous ligament that runs under the foot from the heel to the toes. It forms the arch of the foot and functions as a natural shock-absorber. Unlike muscle, the plantar fascia is not very elastic and is very limited in its capacity to stretch or elongate. Therefore when too much traction is placed on the plantar fascia-tearing will occur, resulting in irritation, inflammation and pain.

What is a Heel Spur?

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